Our services are unique and unparallel in the industry. As we all know that Sunderban is a vast swampy delta of the two great Indian rivers, Brahmaputra and the Ganges stretches over areas consisting of mangrove forests, swamps and forest island all creating a chain of small rivers and streams. The Sundarbans National Park in West Bengal is home of the Royal Bengal Tiger.

We are exploring the total concept with our experience and some sole services so that you can enjoy one world’s most beautiful asset that you can think about. We are operating a few cordial services those are perfectly suit all your needs of traveling passion. He has an unquenchable desire to explore new places and offbeat routes, a love for flora, fauna and landscapes, the desire to respect local cultures and traditions and an unquenchable thirst to soak in the pristine beauty of nature.


Schools and colleges are there to organize many excursions to observe the wild life. The Sundarbans forest inhabits more than 272 (appx) tigers. The Royal Bengal Tigers in this saline and aqua surroundings are extremely good swimmers. The animal stock of the Sundarbans is quite varied. As you thrive to get a single glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger you will have a meeting with - Fishing Cats, Macaques, Wild Boar, Common Grey Mongoose, Fox, Jungle Cat, Flying Fox, Pangolin, Chitals, etc. on the way.


Sunderban is place where every inch falls under the research. Wild life is a total mystery covered with the samples of flora and fauna. You can think about the different research procedures on various projects. Some of the ongoing projects are like honey, water and many more.


People from all over India come to survey this land of largest delta of the world. Reach and survey are more or less related to each other. All these are done for the benefit of the human resources. Tiger survey is being done recently all over the world. In fact any growing business that is related to the Sunderban is giving us an opportunity to give you soothing extra.

Exclusive tours:

One of the largest Mangrove Forest is here in the Sunderbans is a paradise for bird lovers for the rich species of birds it boasts off, both migratory and residential to the regions of Sunderbans.

The sunderbans where in most parts electricity is yet to reach the local inhabitants, it remains as one of the most remote places in the country till date. Join us on an exploration of this delta, where man has lived with the man-eating Tigers for generations, not to forget the crocodiles in the river and the ever changing marshes. This region could well be one of the first in the globe to experience the effects of global warming. Come and discover the Wildlife, Mangroves, Villagers, and their lives, the mud houses, agricultural practices and so much that is very unfamiliar to most.

Special Interest Tours:

The Sunderbans is more than just the Tiger. Local Cultures, Wildlife, Exotic Birds, Meandering Rivers, Fishermen, Honey Collectors, Tiger attack survivors, Families of victims from the cyclones, Tigers and Crocodiles, Markets, agricultural fields- and so much more that will continue to inspire and amaze a traveler, it is the perfect menu for the shutter box . This is a true photographer's delight.

* We cover Bony Camp, Sanjekhali, Sudharna Khali and Dobanki Khali with a package of 2 nights and 3days. This tour is unparallel in the whole industry!

Welcome to indulge yourself in the beauty of Sunderban!